Sugar Hut Restaurant, Bar & Courtyard

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Sugar Hut Restaurant & Bar is an all-in-one restaurant, bar and coffee shop. Situated on Brentwood High Street, within the same grounds as the nightclub.
There is something for everyone, whether you prefer a hot beverage or even a cocktail, a beautiful home cooked meal, or bar snacks, we cater to all.

  • Cocktail Bar

    Monday: 11am-6pm

    Tuesday: 11am-6pm

    Wednesday: 11am-6pm

    Thursday: 11am-6pm

    Friday: 11am-Midnight

    Saturday: 11am-Midnight

    Sunday: 11am-6pm
  • Restaurant Seating Times

    Monday: 12pm-4pm

    Tuesday: 12pm-4pm

    Wednesday Lunch:

    Wednesday Evening:
    Closed until 30th January

    Thursday Lunch:

    Thursday Evening:
    Closed until 24th January

    Friday Lunch:

    Friday Evening:

    Saturday Lunch:

    Saturday Evening:

    Sunday: 12pm-5.45pm